Acai and Super-fruit Juice Comparisons

Mark Wyatt, July 2008

Bom Dia Acai Pomegranate

Bom Dia Acai Pomegrante

This is a delicious combination. It is sweet, but it is balanced with the tartness of the pomegranate. Of all the juices tested in July 2008, this was likely the tastiest (in the author's opinion). The juice is somewhat clear, and has a red tint to it- likely from the pomegranate and the cabernet sauvignon grape juice mixed in. I was surprised to see their claim that the acai fruit has an ORAC value of 472 micromole TE/gram. Most people claim 167-185 for fruit. This value is similar to what Sambazon has recently claimed for freeze dried fruit. The rest of the values (for cranberry, blueberry and blckberry are the values from Wu, and use the basic method used by Brunswick Labs: fluorscein fluoresence). I did request more information from Bolthouse Bom Dia about this, but have not been replied to. Here is the claim in their label:

Bom Dia ORAC Calaims- acai

content: 11.5 fluid ounces
cost: $ 3.99 (Albertsons)

Nutrition Information

serving size: 8 fl. ounces
calories: 122
grams fat:1
dietary fiber: 1 gram
sugars: 27 grams
protein: 2 g
acai juice, pomegranate juice (from concentrate), apple juice (from concentrate), guaranara, cabernet sauvignon grape juice, natural flavors and ascorbic acid.


ORAC: 19.5 (Seeram average acai-juices: 19.5, note: Seeram tested Bom Dia acai-mangosteen and it scored 16.6 ORAC/ml. I used the average of all acai juices tested by Seeram as an estimate. Bom Dia claims to use the "pear-flavored fruit of the mangosteen tree". This implies the white fruit inside, and not an extract of the rind, which contains phenolic compounds that may add more substantially to the ORAC value. A mixture of mainly acai and pomegranate should be pretty high.)

ORAC/serving = 4612.9
ORAC/gram sugar = 153.7
ORAC/calorie = 32.9
ORAC/$ = 1662