Acai and Super-fruit Juice Comparisons

Mark Wyatt, July 2008

Bossa Nova Superfruit Acai Juice (original)

Bossa Nova Acai Juice

Bossa Nova Acai Superfruit Juice is an all-acai juice. It is pleasant tasting and not too sweet. It is smooth and similar to blueberry, but distinctly different. This juice has a pleasant color and is fairly clear (see photo). This beverage did very good in terms of ORAC per gram sugar and ORAC per calorie.

contents: 10 fluid ounces

cost: $2.79 (Henry's market)

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 8 fl. ounces

calories: 94
grams fat: 0
sugars: 18 grams
dietary fiber: 0
protein: 0 g
ingredients: wild harvested acai juice, organic agave, natural flavors, citric acid


ORAC: 22.9 microgram TE/ml (Seeram)
ORAC/serving = 5417
ORAC/gram sugar = 301
ORAC/calorie = 57.6
ORAC/$ = 2427